Recently, 3 members of the Quorum of the Twelve came to town. They had a super elite meeting on a Saturday, to which they invited only Mission Presidents and Stake Presidents from the region; on Sunday, they split up and conducted three Stake Meetings (NOT replacing their Stake Conferences) in three local stakes, bypassing my own. By all accounts, the Stake Meetings were a snooze–well, no one in attendance really characterized them that way to me, just that nothing unexpected happened or was said.

I recently heard, however, a tiny bit about the smaller meeting on Saturday which included an extended Q & A session with Elder Scott. At some point, Elder Scott apparently asked for evidence that the leaders were involving the women of the Church in meaningful leadership and decision-making. A number of attendees provided examples that they are indeed listening to their women by doing a,b, and c while others were totally on top of it by doing x,y,and z. After listening for a while, Elder Scott reportedly said: “Let me assure you, Brethren, you are not,” and then he went on to admonish the men that they needed to move beyond just allowing women time to speak in meetings to actually hearing and acting on what the women say.