In my last two wards, I have always been jealous of my wife. She has been able to participate in book groups which had very rich discussions about some very interesting books – in my view based on those books that I have read. In contrast, what do the guys do? There is no book group, they either play basketball or have game nights, where little to no intelligent conversation occurs – note this is men who are in their 30’s and 40’s. While I think playing sports is a good form of exercise, etc. it certainly is not an intellectual pursuit. In addition, the men have completely lame discussions in Priesthood because the instructors don’t prepare (note: I realize this is not all wards, but my experience). It reminds me of the recent WSJ article which compared the widening gulf between Men and Women. It is a fascinating read about how women are maturing much faster than men who seem stuck in this early adulthood/post-adolescence world and are unable/unwilling to engage in interesting conversations. Do you see this as a problem?