Couple things: Got an email from Barak telling me he’s running again. I liked his last speech very much. Still on the fence. Although leaning against him. Depends on which Republican runs. Won’t vote for Palin or Huntsman. Might vote for Huckabee or Mitt.

I’ve loved those flash mob things I’ve seen on Youtube, etc. so I was looking forward to “Mobbed” with Howie Mandel. I taped it! Now I hate Howie Mandel. He’s a menace to society. What he did to that girl, he should be shot by an Afgani person. It started out kind of cool, this sort of big oaf (although also kind of cute) wants to do a flash mob proposal. All good. THEN this idiot to rival DKL’s aforementioned crazy minister–aka Mandel decides they should A. punk the girl into thinking her boyfriend had cheated on her BEFORE the proposal, creating more drama. Stupid, but kind of cute oaf AGREED! Then Mandel decides they should get married right there. Which might have been okay, BUT the dress was really awful, no flowers, that poor girl sure didn’t get the wedding of her dreams. She behaved with incredible grace and dignity and the love there was tangible, but she had to have wet her pants when she watched the video. Howie Mandel is a meance to society and I’m never watching that show again in protest of his total lack of sensitivity.

McQ referred to my childhood in Las Vegas the other day, and I wanted to correct that assumption. Then I read (I think) an US magazine and got this idea to tell five things about me. This is skeewampus, but my goal is to have you guys share five things about you as well. That we don’t already know. On that note:

1. I seldom lived in one town more than six months as a girl. I lived in many small towns in Nevada, one tiny town in northern Kansas, Long Beach, California, and yes, Las Vegas, where I was in a foster home for four months and later, three months during the summer when I was considering a permanent move. Graduated from high school in Elko, Nevada, which is truly God’s country. That cowboy poet? Waddie MItchell. Knew him. Dated his friend.

2. I’m seriously ill, but before I was ill, I was one of the laziest people I know. Physically. I could muster myself and scrub my house clean and really get a move on, but basically I love to just sit and read and watch TV (all at the same time).

3. Salt is my favorite food. Especially on popcorn and tomatoes.

4. Which brings me to the way I eat. Honestly, I try very hard not to be a slob, but food just falls off my fork onto my clothes! I watch other people eat and that doesn’t happen! What’s up with that? Bill laughs at me a lot. I’m resigned to my fate, but honestly, I only put a little food and it goes all over. I eat a cookie and there’s a trail of crumbs. What am I doing wrong?

5. When I was 11, I could do a back flip with no hands. Really.

Well, this is kind of my usual stupid post, guys, tell me about you. Or how you feel about Obama…and did anybody watched Mobbed and get my same impression?