Below is an email that went out to a friend of mine from someone in their ward to the entire ward – I have made some alterations to some information and names have been changed to blind it. This family is apparently fairly normal middle class…

“Dear Ward Family,

Our family is in need of some assistance as we prepare to move into our new home. The house is not only in the ward, it’s only a few houses down from our current home.

Could you spare an hour or two over the next few weeks? If you’re not into moving tasks but would like to help, you can bring us a meal.

I am working full time, but I work from home, so I am around to let you in if you prefer to help during week days. We will be working on moving tasks most evenings and Saturdays. We are planning to complete the move on or before March 30th.

These are the things we need to get done in both houses:

· Clean bathrooms
· Wipe down cabinets doors, shelves, drawers
· Clean kitchen
· Prep for painting
· Clean dirty spots, spackle, tape, prime and paint multiple rooms

I will sort through our stuff. I need a friend or two to help pack, move and unpack smaller items

We also need to do the following outside. If you know of anyone in the ward who could advise and/or assist, please let me know.

1. Fence the side and back yards
2. Clear brush from side yard
3. Construct a garden bed
4. Build an additional parking space

Thank you in advance.

Is this an appropriate ask of the ward? I would say that asking for moving help is ok, but to ask ward members to clean your dirty house and paint your old and new houses and do all sorts of outside work is above and beyond – I vote Disservice…