Gas Prices have risen quite a bit recently. Right now here in Texas gas is about $3.65 a gallon. This is simply to expensive. If you look back at recessions one thing you will notice is that there is usually a spike in oil prices prior to the recessionary period.

What are the solutions to this? Lots of people think that moving to alternative forms of energy is the answer. I actually agree with this thinking. However I think its 25-50 years out. There are currently as far as I can tell no realistic cost effective alternatives to oil in the forseeable future. Oil is simply the best fuel we have right now. We need to acknowledge this and move forward with oil while at the same time throwing money and effort into alternatives.

I blame both parties for 40 plus years of restricting oil exploration and drilling in the US which in my view has led to higher prices. But its hard to look past our current President traveling to Brazil and encouraging them to drill in ocean waters all the while restricting drilling in US coastal waters. Most nations when they become aware of large oil deposits ruthlessly exploit them. Even the supposedly enlightened Nordic nations do this.

So what are the answers to our fuel issues?