In my various wards I have lived in over the last 15 years, I have been struck by the large number of Dental Students or outright Dentists that exist in the Church. In fact, two of my own siblings are in Dentistry as well as two cousins so I am surrounded by them in my family as well. I contrast that with the relative lack of Physicians or Scientists in my part of the LDS world. So I did some quick searching to see if there are more dentists in Mormon heavy states vs other states and how that compares to Physicians. I used a site that had the necessary statistics.

As far as Physicians per capita, Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming are at the bottom of the states (#45, #51, #49 and #48 respectively), while Utah is #12 as far as Dentists per capita with Idaho at #20, Wyomin at #25 and Nevada at #39. So relatively speaking, there are more Dentists per capita in Mormon heavy states than other states and, more Dentists, particularly as it relates to Physicians per capita in Mormon heavy states. I see several potential reasons for this: Dentists have better lifestyles than Physicians, Dental School is easier to get into than Medical School (no data for this, just anecdotal from my siblings), and Dentists make good money. So is this a good thing? I think so as it creates more leaders who have more time to devote to both family and Church. Guess Mormons should also have some of the best teeth in the country!