Well I finally finished my taxes for the year. I am always a bit surprised when I do them at two things – first how much we pay in aggregate taxes each year (somewhere near 40-50% when you add in federal, state, real estate, sales, excise, etc.) and second, how complicated it is. I use software, but it usually takes several hours to navigate through and in the end my federal return was 39 pages long this year! It also makes me feel very frustrated when all you hear government talk about (at least in the communist Northeast) is how we need to raise the revenue (note they don’t say taxes). They always forget that you can always decrease your costs, but that never seems to enter their minds. So once again, we are looking at more tax increases in the Northeast. While I don’t mind paying my fair share, I do mind paying my share to support things that should be cut or curtailed in this environment. This is where I am surprised, shocked and a bit embarrassed that I agree with the crazy Tea Partiers on an issue… Finally, I really like the Mormon flat tax – 10% from everybody, no deductions, alterations, etc. It is simple, clean and I don’t have to fill out 39 pages to get the answer. Seems we COULD teach the Government a thing or two in this area.