My son recently did a project where he created a solar system using styrofoam balls. It was a lot of fun for him and I learned a lot about the solar system in the process. It reminded me again that the Solar System I learned about as a youth was not the same as it is today (at least not as defined by various Space Scientists like the IAU ).

Yes, Pluto was demoted. Funny thing is that Pluto still exists, and, in fact, has not changed little, if at all, since my childhood. We love to put things into buckets for organizational purposes. It led me to think about how much the Church has evolved (I love using the terms Church and evolve in the same sentence) since I was born – When I was born, Blacks could not receive the Priesthood, there were few Temples, there were some arguably questionable things being stated over the pulpit by leading GAs (wait, that hasn’t changed), and Women’s Lib was equal to satan incarnate… Now, Blacks have the Priesthood, we are getting close to 200 Temples, and Women’s Lib is here to stay. What will the next few decades bring? Any predictions beyond more questionable things being stated over the pulpit by leading GAs?