I have been in the “naccle since 2003-2004 and I am trying to post on topics that have never been covered. I don’t think I have ever seen a post on this topic before.

What is the consensus on LDS marriages and prenups? I have never heard of an LDS first time (18-30 typical age) temple wedding that has a prenup.  I can see the wisdom in pre-nups for 2nd marriages esp when both parties are well established with heirs galore.   I think this is largely the case with the typical young first time marriage because….

1. Mormons are typically young and have no $$ to protect when they get married
2. Our culture is so pro-marriage that it seems that LDS folks would shy away from establishing a marital exit strategy prior to actually kneeling across a temple alter.

So if you are a LDS divorce attorney or in a temple wedding with a prenup I would like to hear from you.