You know, I’m really bothered at how our church policies are easily subverted in the face of celebrity. Marie Osmond’s remarriage and sealing being a case in point. Sarah was divorced in 2007, remarried in 2009 and sealed to her second husband about 18 months later after the general authorities finally cancelled the sealing. My cancellation took place almost a year after I married Bill; my former husband had remarried two years before that. We’d been divorced almost six years! I’d asked for a cancellation one year after the divorce. My request was tabled for more than six years.

So Marie and her second husband divorced sometime after March 2007. She was sealed to her first husband when they remarried in the Las Vegas Temple. I’m basing this on Donny’s announcement that they were married for time and all eternity. Admitting it’s possible they were secretly dating when her son died, although I don’t believe it, what accommodations were made so that they could be sealed? How quickly did her request for a cancellation of sealing to her second husband go through? Why the difference? Sarah and Brad, both temple-worthy were even denied permission to be married for time in the temple!

When my son killed himself, I was refused permission to tape his funeral. I actually called church headquarters and was told it wasn’t allowed unless there was significant public interest. Marie’s son’s funeral was videotaped. The prophet attended!

I’m ticked off about this. So many of the rules that govern the lives of most Mormons, putting doctrine aside, are incredibly arbitrary. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t shake my faith in the First Vision, but it sure makes me wonder. Our leaders are human and it sure appears that they care more about celebrities and powerful people than us common folk. God does, too, have favorites.