I wanted to touch briefly on the recent arrest of the head of the IMF (DomSK for short) for sexual assault. See the link http://abcnews.go.com/US/dominque-strauss-kahns-accuser-inconsolable-alleged-attack/story?id=13621783

There are lots of elements that can be discussed I wanted to focus on just a couple. Based on what I have seen so far he is guilty. I am not really interested in bloggers pointing out that he is not convicted yet. Yes I know that

1. The BOM teaches us and modern prophets have repeatedly taught that all are alike unto God and that God loves each of his children equally. I fully believe this with all of my heart. I see the child of a poor African (and yes I have lots of exp with poor African children on my mission in Africa) as equal to my own. Both have divine potential and deserve to be treated equally. I see the accuser a recent immigrant and working a menial job as equal in God’s eyes to the head of the IMF. I am frankly deeply outraged by the reaction to the case in France by French social elites. As if a poor immigrant woman of color should just accept that a rich man should have the ability to have sexual contact with her by his very status.

2. DomSK is in deep deep trouble. He might never get out of prison prior to the trial based on the behavior of Roman Polanski and Ira Einhorn who fled the US for France and avoided consequences for crimes they committed. I actually suspect he might die in an American prison. If this goes to trial and gets to a jury. American juries will crush this perp if given the chance based on the publicly available evidence so far. The American court system is based on equal justice. If anything DomSK’s social status is going to be a big problem for him in jury deliberations.

3. DomSK and his American wife are very much at risk in a subsequent civil trial to losing all of their American financial assets. See Simpson OJ for a reference on how this works.