From time to time, I have heard people discuss the ABC abomination, The Bachelor/ette, and wonder at a hypothetical Mormon Bachelor/ette.  Guess what?  It is happening.  Am I the last to know?  Perhaps.  I only know about it because one of my Facebook friends “liked” a candidate’s audition video.  Yup.  Not only do these battered too-long-a-single Mormon adults have to humble themselves to sell themselves to some other too-long-a-single Mormon adult with odds not too different from a singles ward, but they have to do it on YouTube.

Why would you do this to yourself?  Your odds are not great.  You are likely breaking your back trying to snag a long distance relationship.  There is no fame or fortune here.

Yet the audition videos are generally impressive.  These are attractive, accomplished, talented, active, and creative adults.  These are the kind of people you know and about whom you wonder, “why aren’t they married?  They are so great.”  While, apparently, one couple has met and married from this kind of set-up, it just seems enormously unpromising for any one participant.

Oh well.  These are all adults and they can do what they like.  And they will do it to a smart soundtrack and quick edits.

What do you think?  If you had a friend or loved one interested in throwing their hat in this ring, what advice would you give them?