Yesterday Mitch McConnell was on Meet The Press. I record it, but often don’t watch the whole show because it’s beyond my level of intelligence or, to be honest, interest. This was one of those “not all that interesting” days. Which makes me sound brain dead, because it was about the economy and the debt ceiling legislation that’s being debated (ie bare knuckles brawled about) by the president (ie the Democratic Party) and the legislature (ie, the Republican Party). It worries me, thus it does interest me. But it’s so confusing and overwhelming that I prefer not to think about it. I bet I’m not the only one.

But McConnell said something that caught my attention. He said something like “do we tax too little and spend too much?” in a reply to a question David put to him about cooperating with the president on raising the debt ceiling and raising taxes. I thought, “well, we sure don’t tax too little.” Taxes have become such an issue in my and Bill’s budget that I’m definitely interested if they’re going to raise taxes.

Now, it seems like a no-brainer. The government spends too much. There are huge areas of waste and, I believe, unaccounted for billions of dollars that may make their way into the hands of Afgan warlords, for instance, as bribes. I believe in outfitting our military to the nth degree, but a lot of the dollars put into the hands of the Pentagon are spent frivolously, without a care to frugality. I think the military is one source of overspending without culpability.

As I recall, no conclusion was reached yesterday on Meet The Press, outside of McConnell’s firm statement that unless the president makes drastic cuts in spending, he won’t support any raise the debt ceiling legislation. Looking at government shutdown, I guess. David (can’t think of last name) kept talking about the absolute necessity of raising taxes. No way.

So what do you geniuses think about this? You who don’t become brain dead at this discussion and with the masses, think of butterflies and flowers and keep your fingers crossed?