Colin Powell didn’t have it. No shock there. Sarah Palin does?? I don’t think it’s fire in the belly, I think it’s delusion born of her recent celebrity. I’ve been watching the morning news show speculating on the viability of her candidacy for president. I hope she has some sensible advisers because if she does run, all she will do is insure President Obama’s re-election. I can see all kinds of nightmare scenarios for the Republican Party with Palin’s candidacy. She might split the party if not nominated and take all the Tea Party people with her. She might attack the other candidates to such an extent they won’t have the full support of the Republican Party. She might actually force her way to nomination, in which case she won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

Mitt, apparently, has the fire in the belly, too. Alec Baldwin called him a Ken doll, as quoted in today’s Huffington Post. I agree. I like him, but let’s face it, like Sarah Palin, his attractiveness is his best quality. (Guess that would be qualified as a “batty” opinion?) Looks count. I think we would elect a president who looks a bit craggy, older, not too old, and wise. Someone like Reagan. So, on that vein, Mitt should let his gray show, cut it shorter and deepen his voice a bit. Try not to be so “pretty.”

Back to Palin, the news shows say the polls show she cannot be elected president. BUT they also say she’s incredibly powerful. She might decide who the candidate will be….think about it, if she backs Mitt, that could be a deal breaker. I think she’d be more likely to support Huckabee. It could happen. Then she might be a cabinet member! This is all kind of crazy and mind-blowing. Well, I guess that’s how we roll in the United States.