From time to time in the course of Church life, we are asked to fulfill responsibilities for which others may be better qualified or more experienced. Some of us manage quite multifaceted organizations and really have our hands full. Others, perhaps, don’t have enough to keep us busy. Occasionally, people feel compelled to suggest or complain about certain practices in anothers’ jurisdiction. Below is one such example.

Dear Sister Primary Counselor–

As I carried my two-year-old kicking and screaming out of Church today, I thought I would finally put this in writing. When you guys give treats to the Primary kids, it causes a big problem for their siblings in Nursery. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that, but let me a suggest a few alternatives to offering super-delicious looking treats to your kids as they exit your care to sit in the car on the way home with (generally irrational) children who have none.

1–Don’t give treats. I would fully support you there. NO ONE needs a cookie. If you must offer bribes to kids who bring their scriptures, maybe something that is less attractive to two-year-olds, like a pencil or a picture of Jesus. Or an apple.
2–On the rare occasions you need treats, distribute and ingest them entirely in one space and swear your kids to secrecy.
3–Provide enough treats for both Primary and Nursery children.

When you discuss this, I am sure you can come up with some other solutions, too, those were just a few I might try.

It would make my life infinitely easier, and I am quite sure that is the Primary’s main objective, right?

Thanks for listening–
Your friend and parent of both Primary and Nursery children

Are you the kind to suggest or complain? Or do you sit back and let people do what they do, even if it is, to your mind, clearly problematic?