Caught this on Huffington this morning:   The Truth About My Trip to Hanoi .   Looks like Jane Fonda is directly addressing her critics and calling them liars.   I read that she was cancelled by home shopping network because some people objected due to her Vietnam War activism.

I have some admiration for her, because hell, she looks darn good for 70 and I envy that.  She survived Henry Fonda’s parenting and her mother’s suicide.  She stands by what she believes, although I don’t agree with most of it, and it seems she tried to make her life about something meaningful.  However, I won’t be clicking on the link to add my voice of support—-even if everything she said is true and everything her critics say is false.  Which I doubt.

Sure sounds like there were some false accusations against her.   But—what is true is that she did go to North Vietnam and was eventually used by the North Vietnamese as propoganda in the war.

We have a new home teacher who’s Bill’s age and served in Vietnam at about the same time as Bill.  Different places and companies, but they were there in 68-69 and share some experiences.   Both are pretty quiet about their time in the army, but this time, he brought up Vietnam and said he was looking up the country on Google Earth and getting interested in sharing his story with his kids and grandkids.   He encouraged Bill to do the same.

Bill said, “You know, I’m not sure we did any good over there.  I really wonder if we were there for the right reasons.”  And our home teacher shared that he’d traveled a lot in the last five years and met quite a few Vietnamese who’d been there during the war and were very impressed and grateful to the US.   That surprised me a bit, but surely some good had been done during those years.  Because we are basically good people, after all.

But I won’t be standing up Fonda any time soon.  You can spout her freedoms, etc., and that’s fine, but if she’s being inconvenienced because some objected to her shopping show, it can’t compare to the damage she did to her country when she thought she was more important than the rest of us.  When she thought she was smarter than the rest of us and that her celebrity bought her a pass on judgement during a time of war.  Actually, I’m kind of sick of celebrities who think that being famous for making a good movie gives them the right to dictate to us poor uneducated stupid masses.

If what she says is true and the charges are totally false, then an injustice has been done to her and I feel kind of guilty about my intransigence toward her.  But it is what it is.  Something about her bugs me.  What about you?  Any of you guys gonna stick up for Jane?