Take a look at the article below.


I am ashamed that there are malnourished kids showing up in hospitals around the country in increasing numbers. It appears from the article and I am open to correction on this that the kids mentioned were eating but they were eating junk food. Hospitals across the country are reporting more malnourished kids since 2007 which is the beginning of the economic trouble which is still with us.  This issue really strikes home with me.  On my mission in Africa I spent a lot of time feeding PB to hungry kids.  The look of joy on a small childs face when he saw a huge slice of bread with PB on it used to reduce us elders to tears.  I don’t believe that anybody in America or the world should be hungry.   So I have some questions for my readers.

Who is to blame for this? 



Fed Government

State and Local governments

Our junk food culture

What is to be done about this problem?  Its apparently really easy to get qualified for food stamps.  I see people using them all the time at the local Walmart.  So there seems to be access to food in our society for the poor.

I think the church does a really good job with hunger.  I witnessed a single mom with three little kids in a really old car show up at our building last Wed.  An hour later she walked out with the paperwork for a food order at the local bishops storehouse.