I have been asked to teach the lesson on The Law of Chastity in my Relief Society in a few weeks and I am pretty excited about it.  First, I just like Relief Society and I like teaching, and the combination is the most fun.  Second, I can think of a lot of ways this lesson could go wrong in some hands, so I hope to be able to keep it productive.  Third, it is kind of a unique topic.  Chastity is a bedrock social practice and belief, yet it is one that adults (perhaps especially women) and long-time members rarely, if ever, discuss.  So I think many people will have lots to say, and I plan to ban them from talking about “teaching the children” and instead focusing on ourselves.  Not sure yet how that will go over, but I am confident that at least a healthy chunk of the room will play along with me.

So last night I read through the lesson and it is just as you would expect.  It did, however, specifically include two bombshell topics that I suspect we are not expected to discuss, but just swallow.  I can understand why new members or investigators would be interested to be introduced to the LDS stands on these topics: homosexuality and abortion.  I can also see that they have some connection to the law of chastity.  But it seems kind if huge to bury  those topics here.

What do you think? Often in the blogernacle people will wish for an adult conversation on chastity, and I’d love your ideas on what such a conversation would include!