We’re delighted to welcome living in zion as a permablogger at Mormon Mentality. I’m personally excited to have another woman on board.
 Living in Zion ( Heather Young) is a 40ish year old convert to the Church. She was raised in foster homes, so she has been Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Jehovah’s Witness and any other religion that was willing to send a ride to the foster home to save the children’s souls.  She has been Temple married for 24 years to a great guy who has put up with a lot of crap from her. She and her husband have three kids who managed to get through high school without  being in the press for anything other than being good kids. They are waiting for the birth of their first grandchild who is due to arrive in October.
Heather has been a Homeopathic Practioner for 13 years. She got into Alternative Medicine when her children were born with severe allergies and other illnesses that conventional medicine could not address. Like all mothers, she went in search of help for her children and Homeopathy is what worked. She trained in Homeopathy with the intention of keeping her family healthy. It  has snowballed into a full-fledged practice that many times has left her panting on the floor. She loves to talk about Homeopathy (especially the history of Homeopathy in US – facinating stuff.) but does not like to argue with closed-minded people. 
Her politics are constantly evolving and she chooses to remain an Independent voter to avoid exhausting arguements that don’t solve problems. This position has caused many a lively discussion at the famly dinner table but never at church.