I like Cher. I’m not much for her music, but I think she’s a cool person. She and Sonny came to national attention when I was in 8th grade, I think. We were in love with them! Because they seemed approachable, “normal” in that they weren’t elite or above everyone else.

Their TV show was cool because Cher made fun of Sonny and there was their little girl and I personally had no clue till the end that they were very unhappy. Cher had all those different outfits! It was a nice variety show, overall.

I’ve followed Cher a bit over the years; I recall her letting some TV show into her home and she showed her son’s room. The re-marriage and subsequent divorce. “Gregory” she called him. The Oscars–LOVED her in Silkwood!

I’ve felt compassion and admiration for her as she’s weathered a lot of ups and downs through the years. While I don’t think celebrities should have special status or exemption in a lot of areas, my heart goes out to them when they have to deal with things we all deal with, in public. I don’t know how any of them maintain their composure.

I felt for her when Chastity announced her homosexuality; the news reports said that Cher had some problem accepting this and I think any parent, no matter how liberal, might be disconcerted. That paradigm shift thing would take a minute, that’s for sure. I’ve drastically changed my mindset over the years concerning homosexuality and now have relatives and friends who have come out who I love and respect and interact with all the time. Their sexuality is not an issue anymore. It was hard twenty years ago; it’s less so now.

Anyway, yeah, I could identify with her difficulty there to some extent (none of my children has come out—yet). But when Chaz announced he was meant to be a man, that was too much for me. I was shocked. Couldn’t imagine Cher’s chagrin.

Now, Chaz will be on DWTS and people are protesting. I’m not one of them. But I’ll probably watch in much the same mood as I did Kate Gosselin. The sensationalist aspect—watching a train wreck—will be hard to digest. (Parenthetically, I have to think a lot of Chaz’s actions are meant to draw attention. I question the sincerity of the gender change and wonder if it’s not a result of confusion rather than genuine conviction. Because what’s the purpose of the wide publicity?)

I’ve struggled with this, wondering if I really am a bigot, wondering why I feel a bit revolted every time I see a picture of Chaz. I know part of this is his weight. I have a problem with obesity. My sisters will tell you our mother was kind of mean about it–always asking us how much we weighed, telling us how little she weighed and rudely telling people they were fat in her later, demented years. I am revolted every time I see a picture of myself at the weight I’m at now. Sitting for 3 years on a job ruins one’s figure.

I will probably watch the show–although Nancy Grace grates on me, too! But I’m going to have a problem with Chaz. Or maybe not. I’m anticipating trouble. But I think it’s going to be kind of gross. Sorry, I feel guilty about it, but that’s where I’m coming from. I’m scolding myself as I speak.