Confession: I am a temple attendence slacker.  Sure, I magnify my calling.  My visiting teaching is 100%.  I even go to those optional church meetings like ward parties, Relief Society: weekday edition, and service projects!  But my temple attendance would not win any awards and I am defineitely way sub-par.  No question about it.  Of course, I’ve got a number of reasons for this, but none of them qualify as good, so I won’t bother you with those.

This past weekend, I went to a stake Relief Society activity that was quite far away and carpooled with some sisters in the ward.  These are all friends and our conversation defineitely turned toward some subjects we would not discuss at Church or in a larger group.  One such subject was the temple and our experiences there and, particularly, our first experiences.  I would guess that all of these sisters had been more recently than I had and they mentioned that an actor in one of the temple films had been replaced by someone else because the original had “come out of the closet.”  Truthfully, this makes me want to go back and see for myself.  It sounds so odd (they reported it had been “well done” and perhaps it had been done a while ago and I just never noticed it).  I guess I don’t know a lot of the ins and outs behind the scenes at the temple, but I never would have guessed that the temple worthiness of the people in the films would be followed and factored in several decades after they had done the work.  It sounds like an overabundance of caution. 

Would it bother you to find out that a member of the cast of a temple film was no longer attending church?  Would it make the work you do there less valid?