I read in the morning paper this morning how excited saints were to be taught during General Conference. And going along with the discussion about General Priesthood meeting, I thought that I haven’t learned anything new in General Conference in years, barring GA calls. (I’m SO aware that’s not close to being grammatically correct, but I have to leave in 15 minutes–after I fold clothes).

The truth is most of us know that Jesus is the Christ; we’ve heard the story of the crucifixion and sort of understand–if we don’t accept–the atonement. We know the Joseph Smith story, the Plan of Salvation. It’s not news to me that I shouldn’t cheat on my husband; nor is it news to him that he shouldn’t beat me or watch porn. We know we’re supposed to be good parents and good Christians.

I’ve come to the conclusion that General Conference is to inspire and motivate us. Remind us—not teach us (most of us). For instance, what Elder Uchtdorf said about being unkind to ourselves wasn’t news. It was news that he said it. Like he was giving us permission to be human. So many incidents of talks that sort of wake me up as opposed to teaching me—sometimes they wake me up because they bother me, like oh, crud what’s her name? Julie Beck. Like her talk, who didn’t know what we’re supposed to do? I wasn’t the least offended by her talk–I was actually a bit inspired. But some talks can be controversial because people just plain disagree. Loud and annoying people. Like bloggers.

I hope somebody on this blog puts up a conference thread–we’re kind of challenged that way. But I invite you to watch this conference with a mind to what you are motivated or inspired about. Or comforted. Not with who’s cute or who you don’t like or who’s half-senile (almost all of my friends my age are, actually) or in a mood to jump on every politically incorrect gaffe or grammatical error. But, is there one that you feel resonates with you and your life experience and makes you an incrementally better person (and that includes being a better friend to yourself).

That’s how I’ll be watching as I cuddle my gorgeous tiny 2 month old grandson. Here he is! Bradley Joseph, 6 lbs. 4 oz., 22 inches long. May 13, 2011; Love him, love, love, love him. We are having a mutual love affair. I always wear “Beautiful” perfume so my grandkids will smell that smell and think of me. I’m reeking of it as we speak. Oh, crud, now I have 5 minutes and I’ve jacked my own thread. Just go with it.