As you all know from my whining, we moved this summer. We have been in our new ward for less than six months. Rob and I both have callings that are minor and perfect for us.

When we showed up in the new ward we were alone. Our grown children flew the coop for the summer. It was interesting and still remains interesting how the New Ward Member Introductions are going.
The younger families are ignoring us because we are obviously old fogeys. No surprise there. I did the same thing as a 20ish person.
The interesting part is how it is going with our peers. They want to know if /how many kids we have and what they are doing. It has happened often enough that I can shorten the process to shorthand:
Child graduated high school?
Child attending BYU on any campus?
Child married in a temple?
Child married with children and attending school?
Child on mission?
Child on foreign mission?

We are being sized up as worthy based on what our grown kids are doing! Right now we are in a sweet spot. Everyone made it through high school without major trauma, our son became an Eagle Scout at the very last second, one daughter got married in the temple and is expecting our first grandchild any minute and our oldest daughter is serving a mission in Portland OR.
On paper right now our family looks pretty good. What people don’t understand is that can all shift very quickly. Missions end, sometimes marriages end, and sometimes Eagle Scouts decide not to go on missions. Bad things do happen to good people.
Luckily for us, we are making our introductions based on the sweet spot. I hope it lasts long enough for us to accumulate enough social capital to carry us through.