This past weekend I took the combination of a three-day weekend and Stake Conference as a sign that I should take a little trip. Since I have not previously been, we headed to Maine to visit a friend, but stopped a few places between here and there. One stop was the birthplace of Joseph Smith in Sharon, Vermont. While I wonder why we have created this kind of a shrine for someone we do not worship, it was a perfectly lovely place and prompts my first question:
1. This seems like a plumb Senior Missionary assignment: beautiful, unique, and not too many visitors. What kind of a Senior Missionary assignment seems good to you?

On the way out, I noticed this sign:

It seems so…unambitious.  Yeah, I hope your visit was worth while, but couldn’t it have been enjoyable, or inspiring, or provocative, or challenging, or amazing, or life-altering, or edifying?  Annual physicals are worth while.  High School orientation was worth while.  Eating lunch is worth while.  Can’t this be a little…more?  So…

2.  What adjective would you hope a visit to Sharon Vermont and the birth place of Joseph Smith would earn?