As you might remember from previous posts (I expect all readers to keep up with my soap opera like life), my eldest child is scheduled to return from her church mission in less than a month. While she was gone, we moved to another state and bought the smallest house I have ever lived in. The house has an unfinished basement that we are racing to finish so she and her brother have a place to sleep. Currently her younger brother is sleeping on the living room couch and living out of plastic tubs. For a teenage boy, not a huge trauma. For a 23 year-old woman, not a living situation that will fly.

When we bought the house, we thought it would be a quick basement rehab. Like all good money pits, it has turned into a major project and our six week timeline has become six months and counting. We are sweating bullets and money like crazy over this.

We received a letter from her mission president giving us her return date and emails from the church travel department giving us airport details. It is official, she is home in a matter of weeks.

Two days ago I got an email from our daughter telling us her state side mission is being extended for another month (without asking us) because she is the only foreign speaking sister missionary currently serving in her area and she needs to stay until the next sister comes from the MTC. I got an email from the church travel department giving us new airport information for the following month, so I guess this is official.

My husband is breathing a sigh of relief about the basement. I am curious how often this kind of thing happens. Is it a common occurrence, or is it the miracle it feels like it is?