We moved from the US to England six weeks ago for my work. It has been an interesting experience as we have adjusted to the differences in culture between the two countries. I will admit one of my trepidations was in having to go to Church here. I was unsure what to expect. However, I will say that we have felt more welcome in this ward that in our previous ward in the US when we moved in. The wards are about the same size from an active member perspective, but the UK ward has a mix of Brits, Yankees, and other nationalities. It is a lot of fun to get to know the different folks. The other pleasant surprise has been the classes. I have previously avoided going to HP Group in the US given it is usually a bunch of old farts pontificating about their version of the Church that existed in the 1950s or Sunday School lessons that ask the silly questions from the manuals. Both HP Group and SS have been wonderful – I actually feel like I am learning things. So all in all, a huge positive on the move from a Church perspective! I forgot how wonderful it is to be in a classroom where you are learning as opposed to counting the minutes until you can exit.