I called in sick to Church last Sunday.  As a Sunday School teacher, I always feel a little guilty about that kind of thing, but who else is going to keep the Sunday School presidency on their toes, if not teachers who need last minute substitutes?  No one in my family actually felt that bad, but I knew we sounded contagious and I didn’t want to worry anyone in nursery or primary.  The winter I spent as a nursery worker was my sickest ever–we just ALWAYS had snotty coughy kids being dropped off and between my infant daughter (my poor three month old had to endure it with me) and myself, we were just constantly coming down or recovering from something.  As the only adult in my family, I have no choice but to stay home any time one of us is ill (unfortunately, that applies to work, too).

When I called the Sunday School president with the bad news, he told me I was very “considerate” to stay home.  I admit, I used to be one of those people who just went, especially if I had an assignment to fulfill.  But working in a school, as I do, I see very clearly how problematic that is.  Kids who are coughing all over me or threatening to empty yet another of my kleenex boxes (which I buy for my classroom!) regularly tell me that they told their mom or dad how bad they felt, but their parents were too busy to stay with them and told them just to go to school.  It makes me crazy.  And sick.

So, may I remind you that staying home from Church with your illness may be an even better service to your ward than your really excellent piano playing or sharing your thoughtful Sunday School comment may have been.  Don’t feel bad about it: feel good about it.  Get yourself a substitute and sleep in.  You deserve it, and so does your ward.

Oh, and get your flu shot and wash your hands!