Haven’t begun to decide who will get my vote about this time next year. Such a mish-mash of candidates on the Republican side. Disappointed with Obama.

I think Perry and Romney’s physical resemblance is kind of funny. Were I their handlers, I’d have my guy get his hair cut really short and increase the gray. It strikes me that appearances matter very much here. Because who knows what they really believe or will do as president? We have to see how they handle themselves under pressure. It’s a beauty contest is what it is.

So…..a lot to laugh at, guess that makes the presidential race a sitcom as well. “I’m not a witch.” Bachmann’s non-answers. “I’m terrific” is her basic response to any question. Herman Cain should have his own show….no—the guy with the cigarettes should have HIS own show. Two Dudley Do-rights. A sitting president looking rather aimless and pointless.
He reminds me a bit of Chevy Chase’s character in “Community.” Jon Huntsman’s kids made a really funny video which makes me think twice about him. You make me laugh—you can catch me.

I’m dismayed at the accusations leveled at Herman Cain. I think there has to be something there. Do all powerful men have sex on the brain? Or do all powerful men get accused of this type of thing and pay women off? What’s the deal with that?

What bugs me is how NOW is approaching this. They’re on his case; where were they when women were accusing President Clinton of rape? It’s hypocritical and exposes their liberal biases. I’m not paying attention to Rush Limbaugh’s rants in Cain’s favor, but I’m not paying attention to those who are castigating him, either.

They say all politics (is?) local…….I wish. I know the people who run for local office—if somebody is grabbing girls’ legs, the whole town would know. If a woman is a nutjob, it will get out. Or maybe she’s really NOT a witch :). We look less at party affiliation and rely on word of mouth and personal experience with someone’s character.
Usually works out pretty well. If they suck, we get them out pretty darn quick. They are popularity contests, though. We vote for our friends, for who we like, who we know we can trust.

I don’t know who I “like” in the current group of candidates for the Republican nomination. Definitely don’t know who I can trust. But I’m not ruling Cain out entirely until I know more. And my decision won’t be based on anything NOW says on the subject.