One of my employees recently learned that her 14 year old freshmen in HS daughter was pregnant. The Mom who is non LDS but church attending whom we will call D for the purposes of this thread was for the self evident reasons shocked, saddened, embarrassed all wrapped up in one. For now anyway the plan is to adopt the baby out thru a adoption agency upon birth therefore giving the child the best chance at life. (my employees words)

What role does a parent have in deciding for a minor child what to do with an unexpected pregnancy? Can the parent legally force the girls hand?

My church exp. is that church leaders will normally encourage expectant unmarried mothers to adopt the child out. I agree that this is the best option. Most potential unmarried LDS mothers and their parents resist this idea in my experience. There seems to be a great deal of grey area here as well in our culture on adoption vs none adoption besides what seems to be the official party line that adoption is the best option. On Sunday I stood in the circle while a grandfather blessed a child that had been fathered by one of my former YM from 5-8 years ago. He is now 23 and “somewhat engaged” to the child’s mother. He has a decent job and seems to be trying his best to make right of a tough situation. I don’t think its right to encourage adoption in this situation. Best for this young man and his fiancee to try and make a go of it. I could feel his grandfathers heart breaking as he blessed this child for the best possible outcome in life.

What is your experience/opinion on this complicated issue?