I tape both morning news shows—-oh, poor Channel 2, they don’t even count—-and scan one later. Sometimes the (false?) cheer bothers me, and both seem biased against conservatives. I watch Good Morning, America more often because I think George Stephanopolous is more balanced. At least he manages not to look nauseous when reporting on Republican politics.

Several items caught my attention this morning. First, I betcha somebody got to Newt and Mitt and told them “play nice” because according to the news, they’d toned down at the latest debate. This means a deal has been reached and while we’ll watch and wonder for the next six months until the convention, the Republican machine has decided who the candidate is going to be. Will one be the vice-president? Hmmm…….

We are really leaving Iraq. I hope. My cousin, in her Christmas letter, told me her son, in the military, is at a secret location in the middle east. What? Where and why? I briefly contemplated the upset in our lives should my son-in-law’s Marine Corps Reserves unit be called up. The conflicts in the middle east (should that be capitalized?) can distant and unrelated to our daily lives, but we pray for those serving in our military. They never should have been in Iraq in the first place and thank God those who are lucky enough to have lived through their service there will return home. Worse for the wear, but home.

China has an aircraft carrier. They didn’t before? I’d think they had hundreds of them. Theoretically, they could attack us in hordes, sacrifice millions, and take over the US. That would actually make a good novel and movie.

Christopher Hitchens has died, defiantly denying God to the end. Bet he had a speed of light paradigm shift and probably an “Oh, shit” moment when his spirit left his body. Thoughts of atheists dying crack me up because what must go through their minds when they see the light? Maybe they think they’re not dead, but have lost their minds.

Golden Globes……George Clooney……..sigh. He’s too young for me. And I’m definitely too old for him. I wonder if he dumps one girl and has his lawyer call the next one and sign an agreement (money has to be involved) before they meet. He must date really dumb girls because they always look like they think it’s true love. Back to the Golden Globes….I hate artsy. You can do something really stupid, call it artsy, and get awards but people don’t watch them. How can a movie be “best” if no one gets it or even wants to watch it? I feel sorry for the theaters that run that silent movie because they’re going to lose money on that one.

More and more, I’m reminded of “1984” and “Farenheit 451″ as I watch the news shows. Nominations for movie awards are big news—I admit celebrity obsession. Reports of the conflicts, military moves in other countries, the elections———-are they all just to entertain the masses when the conclusions have been reached? Or faked? Are we like frogs in a pan of cold water on a hot stove, who will realize too late we’re being destroyed, misled and scammed by Illuminati?

I’ve become addicted to the tv series “Boss” (I HATE the sex scenes), and watch and wonder if we, the common man, really have no power as depicted in the show. If it’s true that we don’t determine the course of our nation, then it becomes more important for us to live in as much integrity as we can in our tiny spheres, because that will be the only thing that matters.

Anyway………..thoughts I thought this morning.