A friend on Facebook asked for movie recommendations for his Netflix account and my mind wandered to movies I’ve seen lately and then to movie lines. I recommended “Win-“Win”—I think there’s some language in it, but it was really a great show. Loved the ending.

We watched a lot of movies over the holidays—“The Help” was pretty good; I enjoyed “Warrior” although it was predictable. These are some suggestions from FB: Super 8 (?); Jane Eyre (the 2011 version; Umbrellas of Cherbourg; Scott Pilgrim (I didn’t like that show at all, didn’t even finish it); Bridesmaids (? I was bored by that show, never laughed one single time, although I laughed a lot in Date Night and Morning Glory); Lars and the Real Girl (good show); Crazy Stupid Love (hmmm, so-so); The King’s Speech (good show); Dear John (yawn); Fantastic Mr. Fox; Michael Clayton (good show).

Other good shows we’ve seen this year: Secretariat; The Hangover (my guilty pleasure, Bill didn’t like it—but I thought it was funny, especially Mike Tyson singing); uh, The Pacific was really cool–I got it for Bill last year for Christmas; TV series, well Modern Family; The Middle; Oh! “Men of A Certain Age” rocks!!; Homeland and The Big C (both probably R-rated, it’s okay if you think less of me).

Okay, lines from movies:

“I just want to graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater and die.”

“I was a great tomato!” “Who gives a s***?”

“I don’t suppose it would make a difference if I told them I’m not a homosexual.”

And here’s a hard one–one of my favorites: “It’s easier if you breathe deeply.” “How the hell would you know?”

I hope there are movies in heaven. At least in that part of heaven where I’m going.