I am deathly afraid of even bringing this up. I know I will be pounced on and eaten for lunch. I hope I’m not. I hope annegb and internet friends will take this in the spirit intended and not flay the messenger. I bruise easy, folks. Ok (deep breath) here goes:

Did ya hear that Elizabeth Smart got married? I picked up this week’s copy of People magazine which sports Elizabeth on the cover in her wedding dress. Lovely article inside. I won’t give the details away, but here is the link on the net.


I tried to make it link properly, if it didn’t work, just go to people.com.

Here’s my question and please, please, please, don’t hurt me:

How come her dress doesn’t have garment appropriate cap sleeves? According to the article she bought the dress off the rack from some chi-chi bridal store in NY after finding nothing in Utah that she liked and then had the lace bodice added on.
I like her dress. It looks lovely on her. But I gotta tell ya, I am confused. Elizabeth is a returned missionary, married in the Hawaii temple so all assumptions would be that she would be wearing garments.
I have been wearing garments almost as long as that sweet child has been alive and I’ve never been able to wear that kind of sleeveless shoulder strap and still be kosher with the unseen garment police who warn that garment sleeves should not be altered in any way to fit the styles of the day.

Is there a fashion secret happening here that I don’t know about? I am wondering if maybe the seamstress who added the lace overlay to make the neckline modest also lined the sleeves with nude fabric under the lace. That would work, but is it ok to modify a wedding dress to look ungarment – legal or have the rules changed?

I am asking this question not to judge the happy bride, but because I almost killed myself trying to find a temple modest wedding dress for one daughter two years ago and I will have to go through that painful process again when my other daughter lands her yet unidentified-but-promised-in-her-patriarchal-blessing groom.

Our daughter hasn’t been on one date since she came home from her mission and I am already dreading the bridal stores. If I can just whip up a little lace number that doesn’t completely conceal the shoulders and plunging necklines, that would make the dress nightmare so much easier for me next go round.

(Yes, I am a plan-ahead-type person as much as possible. I in no way want to rush my daughter to the marriage altar. Well, unless the groom is rich. Then we should hurry as fast as possible. Rob and I are depending on our children to marry well for our old age care. )