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General Conference Weekend

I could write about how faith-promoting general conference is or givie detailed analysis on every talk. I could show pictures of the adorable kits I made to get younger family members excited about conference. I could type out recipes for the awesome conference food we traditionally eat over this sacred weekend.

There is a lot I could do.

Instead, I will wish you all a peaceful, restful time of contemplation and renewal. However you choose to express that.

Happy Spring General Conference From Your Friends at Mormon Mentality

In Twelve Minutes the Fun Begins

According to the front page of my morning newspaper, today could be the day. The Mega-Millions lottery is drawing today, with a pot of 540 million at stake. I have 12 minutes to decide if I want to join the fun. Tickets for tonight’s drawing have to be purchased by 10am. What to do, what to do…..so many questions …..
1. Do I tithe my 540 million winnings?
2. What would it mean if the Church accepted the tithe?
3. What would it mean if the Church didn’t accept it?
a. Would my membership be in jeopardy?
b. Exactly where on the scale of sin does winning the lottery fit?
I. Would I be disfellowshipped or ex-d?
II. Would I be banned from the temple for 6 months or a year?
III. Would I lose my current church calling? I really like being the Lord’s ward photographer with my $30. Wal-mart camera. If I won the lottery, just imagine the upgrade in ward photos!
4. How much would I be expected to donate to ward Fast Offerings and Boy Scouts or would they fall under the same filthy lucre category as tithing?
5. Playing the lottery isn’t a temple worthiness question. What is the significance of that?
6. Would my idea of celebrating the annual Relief Society Birthday by taking all the ward sisters to Hawaii for a week vacation be considered generous or showing off?
7. Would you stay my friend even if I don’t want to invest in your business?

I don’t know if I handle all this stress. It is a lot to consider in 6 minutes.

Prepare Ye! It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

In honor of this upcoming Sunday (no, not because of General Conference weekend) I want to remind you of your once-a-year opportunity/obligation to the missionaries in your ward.
Especially for poor American missionaries who are serving in the good old US of A instead of the exotic country they spent all four years in high school studying the language of, hoping the Lord would see the good common sense it makes to send them to where they were already prepared to go.

These sad, jaded American boys and girls need something to write home about. They need stories to tell from the pulpit and ways to entertain their future Seminary students. Give them the gift they so desperately need.

In honor of April Fools Day, which lands on Sunday this year, I am going to share with you the April Fools joke I played on my family and ward missionaries one year. It has gone down in our family lore as the Best Missionary Moment Ever, even beating out our infamous Fear Factor Test (Please refer to my Mormon Mentality post history to relive that fun.) Read more »

I will never watch “What Would You Do” again………and other observations

While I was giving up blogging and facebook for Lent (let me explain: I kind of got the idea from Jana Reiss and her wonderful book “Flunking Sainthood” and really felt kind of glutted on the internet. I thought I needed a rest. And I did. It was good for me, although not a deeply spiritual experience. I found I didn’t miss facebook, which makes me incredibly nervous, but that I did miss the bloggernacle), I caught something on one of the morning news shows referring to the show “What Would You Do” and a segment depicting a Mormon girl confessing to her fiance that she’d slept with someone. The small part I saw portrayed him as abusive and bullying. I never watched the show, but that little bit made me livid.

For one thing, the implication that only Mormons believe in sexual purity—what’s up with that? A couple who commits to only sleep with each other could be devout members of a number of Christian religions. Then, to portray her fiance as cold and critical and abusive—dang, that pushed some buttons with me. I’ve been mad at members of the church and I’ve griped ad nauseum about policies, etc., but I’m sick and tired of my religion getting put down like this. I’ve found myself defending the church which is a new position for me, being the iconoclast in my southern Utah ward. Read more »

For the Beauty of the Earth (page 92, Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Recently I was wandering at my local mega home improvement store. The minions of happy workers were like bumble bees, unloading multiple pallets of lawn seeds, mulch and fertilizers. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, which is not an unusual occurrence for me at this particular fine establishment. I always wear my expensive hiking shoes when I go there to lessen the chance of developing blisters from marching up and down aisles, looking high and low for my items.

This time I found an employee who made noises like he might know where to find my desired loot. We wandered together for a few aisles before giving up. He admitted they didn’t yet have the party lights I was hoping to string up in the backyard. Spring has come very early to Iowa and the store wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of customers eager to dig in the dirt and set out lawn chairs.

That got me thinking about the garden I should be pondering but haven’t yet gotten to because I have priorities higher than vegetables picked in the fall. Read more »

Romney Takes the Win, Eventually.

I have complained here long and loud about how ridiculous I find the current multi-year presidential race. At first it was just an abstract annoyance. Then I moved to Iowa and experienced 24-7 political radio shows where there should be call-in Dear Abby shows that make me feel better about my own life because at least I’m not a stupid chick who slept with my best girlfriends boyfriend.

Now this never-ending presidential race as turned more personal than I could have ever imagined. Read more »

Pregnant Healthcare

This is a guest post by Newlywed Housewife. She is smart, ambitious and has a 4 month old adorable baby.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she brought up an interesting dilemma/idea. Here in Missouri if you become pregnant and are a poor broke college student, you can sign up for Medicaid. Your pregnancy costs while you are pregnant and the year after birth are covered, and your kid is covered until the age of 3. While on this program you get dental, ultrasounds, a midwife (or doctor)’s visits, any emergency care, surgery. Students on Medicaid have better insurance than I do, geesh.

So when pregnant, it’s great (I don’t know what happens if you miscarry). Anything happens and it is covered. The child will not suffer in the beginning years due to lack of medical care available, and for most the quality of life will improve thanks to insurance.
But what about when baby turns one; either go without health insurance, or have another child. Read more »

The Women Taught Me

On Sunday our Relief Society lesson in church was on the topic of the priesthood. It was presented by our wards really nice sister missionaries. They are young and cute and full of enthusiasm. As soon as they launched into their presentation and announced the lesson title, I had to forcibly hold back a sigh as I reached for my pad of paper and pen. I use them to distract myself by writing letters. I do my best writing while trying to avoid other things.

Since we are still new in our ward I am trying very hard to have no opinion on anything that rubs me the wrong way. It is one thing to correct false doctrine if you have years of ward service. It is completely different if people are still trying to learn your name. I think I should ease myself into this ward, not stunning them by letting my freak flag fly too soon. We hope to live here for a long time and I am planning on having friends someday. Read more »

Searching for Elijah Abel

In thinking about the recent controversy involving Randy Bott and his justifications for the priesthood ban I thought it would be interesting to look at what materials the Church has to offer on the subject. So I decided to search on LDS.org for Elijah Abel. It results in a single hit from 2003. Here is the full text that applies from a News of the Church article:
Read more »

Yours, Mine and Ours

I had a discussion with a girlfriend that left me puzzled. This isn’t the first time it has come up, I have seen this with church friends, clients, and even some family members. I gotta say as member of the Church, I just don’t get it. As a temple -recommend holding member, I really don’t get it. Even my traditionally-minded High Priest husband doesn’t understand it and that is saying something.

Here it is: When a couple gets married (especially when they have children together), why do they keep their money separate? I know marriages where both spouses work, have separate bank accounts and divvy up the bills. I know others where one person rules the checkbook and the other has an allowance, not knowing what the bills are or even how much their spouse makes. Read more »

We Are Famous!

I love, love, love when we are NPR news. It makes me feel special. Here is today’s latest.