I had a discussion with a girlfriend that left me puzzled. This isn’t the first time it has come up, I have seen this with church friends, clients, and even some family members. I gotta say as member of the Church, I just don’t get it. As a temple -recommend holding member, I really don’t get it. Even my traditionally-minded High Priest husband doesn’t understand it and that is saying something.

Here it is: When a couple gets married (especially when they have children together), why do they keep their money separate? I know marriages where both spouses work, have separate bank accounts and divvy up the bills. I know others where one person rules the checkbook and the other has an allowance, not knowing what the bills are or even how much their spouse makes.

Besides the obvious problems that would occur if a spouse dies and you don’t have a clue about the finances, it just seems weird to not completely keep all money in common. Kind of miserly, untrusting or selfish. Keeping in mind our Church history of living the Law of Consecration, it feels like in a marriage it should be our money, not yours or mine.

For Rob and I it was easy to combine our finances as poor college students because 0 + 0 = more financial aid money. I understand for second marriages that keeping money separate makes financial sense, but I have seen where even that causes hard feelings.

I think that keeping money separate in marriage would not be ideal. What do you think?