This is a guest post by Newlywed Housewife. She is smart, ambitious and has a 4 month old adorable baby.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she brought up an interesting dilemma/idea. Here in Missouri if you become pregnant and are a poor broke college student, you can sign up for Medicaid. Your pregnancy costs while you are pregnant and the year after birth are covered, and your kid is covered until the age of 3. While on this program you get dental, ultrasounds, a midwife (or doctor)’s visits, any emergency care, surgery. Students on Medicaid have better insurance than I do, geesh.

So when pregnant, it’s great (I don’t know what happens if you miscarry). Anything happens and it is covered. The child will not suffer in the beginning years due to lack of medical care available, and for most the quality of life will improve thanks to insurance.
But what about when baby turns one; either go without health insurance, or have another child.

Is it right to intentionally conceive to get healthcare? If not, what would be an alternative option to ensure you’re covered? What about students with infertility issues, or simply cannot have kids? Are they doomed to bankruptcy if anything ever happens?