I have complained here long and loud about how ridiculous I find the current multi-year presidential race. At first it was just an abstract annoyance. Then I moved to Iowa and experienced 24-7 political radio shows where there should be call-in Dear Abby shows that make me feel better about my own life because at least I’m not a stupid chick who slept with my best girlfriends boyfriend.

Now this never-ending presidential race as turned more personal than I could have ever imagined.

When politics invade my personal space, I get panicky. I have always agreed with the general consensus that religion and politics are not to be discussed in polite conversation because no good can come of it.

Last week I had a very sweet, elderly couple come to see me in my office. They are long-term clients and I enjoy their company. This time the presidential race and specifically Romney came up in conversation. They live in Illinois and as we all know, Illinois was next in line for the tug-of-war for the Republican primary. They told me that they felt like they had no clear candidate to chose from. They felt their choices were poor. I casually reminded them I am Mormon, trying to send the signal that my choice is obvious.

That just warmed them up to expound on their concerns about Romney. They couldn’t give details of what part of his politics they don’t like, just an uneasy feeling of distrust. Being the hyper-sensitive person I am, I immediately translated that as anti-Mormon.

I won’t lose them as clients because I am Mormon although I have lost others. (No big loss, they were stupid.) I was shocked at how sensitive I was at their opinion. I felt they were misjudging Romney based solely on his religion. The funny thing is I don’t even care for Romney’s position on many things.

I am a fiscal conservative but a social liberal. Yes, it makes for a confusing position but being a woman I am used to nuanced positions in my head. I can live comfortably with believing two opposites at the same time.

Have any of you in cyber-space found yourself defending Romney even when you aren’t sure he is the guy you will vote for? I am thinking I will vote for him just because he IS Mormon.

When I mentioned that idea to my husband he reminded me that doesn’t guarantee Romney will stop Guantanamo Bay kinds of nonsense. There will be things he does as president that might appear outside of the Mormon norm. I have already taken note that he “works” on the sabbath by giving campaign speeches. Am I expecting too much ‘honesty in business dealings’ from a Mormon president?

Basically, am I setting myself up for disappointment by thinking I will vote for him based on his religion?

PS: Notice how I turned this post into an essay about me and my feelings? I know, it is a gift.