While I was giving up blogging and facebook for Lent (let me explain: I kind of got the idea from Jana Reiss and her wonderful book “Flunking Sainthood” and really felt kind of glutted on the internet. I thought I needed a rest. And I did. It was good for me, although not a deeply spiritual experience. I found I didn’t miss facebook, which makes me incredibly nervous, but that I did miss the bloggernacle), I caught something on one of the morning news shows referring to the show “What Would You Do” and a segment depicting a Mormon girl confessing to her fiance that she’d slept with someone. The small part I saw portrayed him as abusive and bullying. I never watched the show, but that little bit made me livid.

For one thing, the implication that only Mormons believe in sexual purity—what’s up with that? A couple who commits to only sleep with each other could be devout members of a number of Christian religions. Then, to portray her fiance as cold and critical and abusive—dang, that pushed some buttons with me. I’ve been mad at members of the church and I’ve griped ad nauseum about policies, etc., but I’m sick and tired of my religion getting put down like this. I’ve found myself defending the church which is a new position for me, being the iconoclast in my southern Utah ward.

In this case, it deserves defending. I’ve been a bit nervous about that show because I think it treads a fine line and could someday result in a very tragic circumstance, playing with peoples’ heads like that. On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed the voyeuristic nature of watching “real” people react to put on circumstances. One conclusion I’ve reached is that older women can get away with stuff a lot of other people don’t feel comfortable with—like calling people on how they treat others. For some reason, we’re a bit untouchable in our outrage. I’ve felt smug knowing that “me and Chris” (my younger, but tougher, sister) could totally handle a lot of those situations. It would be a no-brainer if a guy rudely told me to watch his laptop to say “hell, no, I’m not your babysitter.”

This show about Mormons, though, I think it’s just a liberal slap at Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency. I suppose we should brace ourselves because the worst is yet to come. But this time—-this time, it was crap. I urge the whole world to boycott this show for time and all eternity. And to slap John Quinones if you ever meet him. Then say, “oh, just kidding, just wanted to see what people would do if I slapped you.”

About Trayvon Martin: I’ve spent the last week feeling that Zimmerman should be in jail for the rest of his life. Then on the Today show this morning, I saw that an eyewitness saw Trayvon being the aggressor. Wow, whole different perspective. And again, I realized how easy I am to manipulate. When will I ever learn to suspend judgement?

About Sgt. Bales, who killed all those people: forgetting what I said above, he killed babies. He should get the death penalty. I don’t care what that guy did in Texas when he shot the service people. I don’t care what Al Queda did; Sgt. Bales is no better than Timothy McVeigh, except Sgt. Bales looked into their innocent faces before he killed them. His wife shows an incredible disconnect when talking about the deaths…..just no emotion…and said she didn’t think he’d done it. ??? She broke into tears when talking about their lost dream of retirement. I just remember thinking “this you’re crying over and you have no tears for sixteen dead people, babies??” If my husband or son did that, I’d be begging forgiveness and asking to clean those peoples’ toilets for the rest of my life.

I record the Today show and also Good Morning America and watch them both. It’s possible Zimmerman is not the villain in Trayvon’s death that he’s being portrayed as…..I’m pretty sure it’s not possible that somebody else killed all those people in Afganistan and blamed Sgt. Bales.

Rick Santorum is tiring and losing patience and his ugly side is coming out. I quite relate to him.

Back to the Lent thing. I tried using my(extra?) time to study scripture and pray and get spiritual, to not waste so much time on mhy laptop. I was somewhat successful in the time wasting part, but like I said, it didn’t seem all that spiritual of an experience. Maybe I should have started with prayer. On the other hand, I recommend an internet fast once in awhile, even if it’s only for a day. You can get up in the morning thinking just to check your email and pretty soon it’s dinnertime and you just need to check one more thing on facebook…..or Huffington. It is pretty addictive and saying that you can control it doesn’t make it so.