According to the front page of my morning newspaper, today could be the day. The Mega-Millions lottery is drawing today, with a pot of 540 million at stake. I have 12 minutes to decide if I want to join the fun. Tickets for tonight’s drawing have to be purchased by 10am. What to do, what to do… many questions …..
1. Do I tithe my 540 million winnings?
2. What would it mean if the Church accepted the tithe?
3. What would it mean if the Church didn’t accept it?
a. Would my membership be in jeopardy?
b. Exactly where on the scale of sin does winning the lottery fit?
I. Would I be disfellowshipped or ex-d?
II. Would I be banned from the temple for 6 months or a year?
III. Would I lose my current church calling? I really like being the Lord’s ward photographer with my $30. Wal-mart camera. If I won the lottery, just imagine the upgrade in ward photos!
4. How much would I be expected to donate to ward Fast Offerings and Boy Scouts or would they fall under the same filthy lucre category as tithing?
5. Playing the lottery isn’t a temple worthiness question. What is the significance of that?
6. Would my idea of celebrating the annual Relief Society Birthday by taking all the ward sisters to Hawaii for a week vacation be considered generous or showing off?
7. Would you stay my friend even if I don’t want to invest in your business?

I don’t know if I handle all this stress. It is a lot to consider in 6 minutes.