On the cover she’s your average female married LDS. Went to school, got married, had a kid, and stays at home to care for said kid. Dig deeper and you’ll find she’s quite cynical about life, doesn’t really enjoy parenting at the moment, and still hasn’t made up her mind on how she feels about marriage. She averages once to twice a month on the scale of Sunday attendance, so yes she’s considered active.
NewlyHousewife does not have a working car during the day and bides her time at home by watching unhealthy amounts of reality television, nursing, and mingling here and there on the web. She has no idea what she wants to do in life and plans on returning back to school in the fall on an extremely part-time basis.

She turns 21 in April, but don’t let her young age fear you. As a naïve, inexperienced young adult she has boatloads of knowledge on random subjects that really don’t matter. Right now she is just beginning her dive into the pool of church history, so forgive her if she is unaware of basic facts. Having a poorly funded library, and poorly paid wallet, has limited her learning to the online realm, good and bad.

NewlyHousewife runs two blogs, one called “Life as Bryan’s Wife” which deals with everyday grievances, and “Parenting with Ushers” which deals with vision/hearing loss and parenting. Since she’s busy with said reality television, nursing, and mingling here and there on the web, one can rightly assume both blogs are not frequently updated as much as she would like.