We are pleased to announce that Sunshine is joining Mormon Mentality! We welcome her insight and chutzpah and know you’ll enjoy her posts.

Sunshine is a happily married mother of four children, ages 2 through almost-12, who also works as a midwife. She enjoys the wondrous process of helping to bring life into the world and has had all her children at home, so she is able to relate to those young mothers who want a natural home birth. A lifelong Mormon, she has an avid curiousity and an open mind that allows for life’s circumstances that don’t fit into the cookie cutter mold.

Sunshine has worked her butt off in the Young Womens program and is now working in the nursery of her ward. She’s looking forward to adding Mormon Mentality to her to-do list. Whenever I see her posts or comments, I think “Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!” She’d probably think that was hokey, but it makes me feel good.