Princess Buttgold was so doted on that she was sometimes difficult, although most of the time she was sweet and charming. But she had a weird kind of jealousy where if I complimented one of her friends, she’d say “oh, so I’m not?” or, “oh, so you love her and not me?” It drove me crazy.

A few days ago I criticized an article about Romney’s job as bishop that someone had posted in facebook and the person who posted it asked me something like “don’t you think they do this to Obama, too?” And I thought of Sarah’s fractured logic.

If I say I like the president, my Republican friends think that means I hate Romney. Or vice versa. Each party trades on fear and anger, telling stories of how the other is an evil person, bent on destroying America in their own way. Republicans decry socialism which has become a hot button word whenever one wants to get them all emotional. Democrats portray Republicans as heartless capitalists who will beat down the common people. Well, there’s truth to either argument. The lie comes when they go to extreme judgements and forget the goodness in each other.

I loved this that one of my facebook friends posted:

You would not believe the reaction I get when I say I love Michelle Obama from my southern Utah friends. Bill gets nervous every time I say something good about the president.

Last night I listed all the presidents in my lifetime–11, starting with Eisenhower. I was quite politically aware at a young age; my first vote was for McGovern. I don’t recall anything as ugly as the last year has been with the dang Republicans, but it’s been getting worse for years.

It’s time to put a stop to fear based, hate based voting. I would love for Republicans to say “we don’t agree, but Democrats are good people, loyal Americans” and vice versa. This trading on fear is a tool of the devil, people. Please ask yourself “who would I vote for if I wasn’t scared to death?”