I just got cable tv again. It has been over 6 years since we last had it. Where we live now if you don’t have cable, you only get three PBS channels and they don’t even come in regularly.
Since we moved here last year we have been watching Netflix and Hulu. I finally got sick of not knowing the local news info. so I made an executive decision and ordered it. My husband didn’t care one way or another. He also doesn’t care about having the local newspaper. I care about both, which means we now know what the city council plans on doing with this year’s budget and where the summer road construction projects will be, not to mention when the Arts, Jazz and Literary Festivals will be. This town has a lot of cultural stuff that I plan on dragging my family to.

Here’s the question: After not watching cable for six years, it is a bit shocking to realize how much it has changed. A ton of infomercials, especially one about Brazilian Butts seems to run constantly on the schedule. Also, the genre of Reality Shows are everywhere, on every channel. What happened to general movie channels? What shows do you watch and like, and which ones are to be avoided? What channels in general does your family gravitate to? We are looking for all the advice we can get to help us wade through this mess of 24-7 programming.