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Just a Note of Encouragement

If you haven’t yet had the privilege to met Tracy M., here is your chance. Her post on her website, dandelionmama.wordpress.com, put tears in my eyes and made memories of this same kind of service done for my family come rushing back to my mind. She just says it much better than I.


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Slap Me and Call Me Silly

As my grandpa used to drawl whenever something unexpected occurred, “Well, slap me and call me silly, I woulda never guessed that would happen”, my head is spinning and I am here to say in a million years I would have never seen this one coming.

I just got off the phone with a long time friend. She has good news. She just got hired by her State Republican Party to work on organizing efforts for the upcoming fall 2012 presidential elections. She is an energetic 60ish year old woman. She is also a staunch Evangelical Christian who over the years has prayed for me that Jesus would touch my heart and help me see the error of my religious ways since I explained to her that I was a Mormon and wasn’t intending to leave the Mormon faith.

When I had surgery she sent me a get-well card along with a 3 page, single-spaced, double- sided letter imploring me to reconsider my Mormon faith because if I died on the operating table she was sure I was going to hell.

The highest compliment she ever gave me was the time she wanted me to come to her ladies group at church and give a lesson on the effects of stress but couldn’t because I belong to the Mormon cult and they don’t allow that.

She really likes me.

My friend called me to tell me when she was interviewed for her new position she told the interviewer that she was very good friends with a Mormon (me) and even though she personally is a born-again Christian, based on how I live my life, she has changed her mind and has decided that Mormons aren’t a cult and that Mitt Romney would be a fine presidential candidate.

She got the job.

Isn’t that a hoot? Being a Christian who can make peace with a Mormon presidential candidate is a real plus when representing the Republican Party.

I congratulated her on her new job and wished her well. I also told her I was happy that our friendship helped her in her job interview. She laughed and replied that she never expected to be in the position of supporting a Mormon candidate, but here we are.

Slap me and call me silly, this presidential race just gets stranger and stranger.

A Very DKL Mothers Day Talk

This is the Mothers Day talk I gave at church in 2010. I troubled over its content more than most talks, and I ended up being quite happy with the product. I felt like (and still feel like) it says some things that are very important. Nevertheless, it received decidedly mixed reviews, provoking strong reactions from people who liked it and did not like it. In 2010, I toyed with the idea of posting it online, but it is kind of a personal talk, and I decided not to. I’ve since reconsidered. So here it is. My Mothers Day 2010 talk:


So I searched the scriptures for the term “mother,” and the first result that I saw was a reference to “the mother of all harlots.” And it’s there when you search the scriptures, right alongside “mother of all living” and “Mary mother of Jesus,” you have “mother of all harlots” and “mother of all abominations.” And we don’t say things like, “the father of all abominations” or “the father of all harlots,” because that just sounds kind of wimpy. So I think the fact that the notion of motherhood gets used this way, to describe great extremes of both good and evil, underscores what a very powerful notion this idea of mothering is.

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Another Inequality

When I was 18 during a New Beginnings or Night of Excellence, I could never tell the difference between the two, I received my personal progress necklace and certificate. My parents were not there, they were sick, and the bishop noted how important this award was. Little did he know I already knew it. Read more »


Now that my kids are college age and living separate lives that don’t legally require our direct involvement on a moment to moment basis, Rob and I are free to find/rediscover our passions. Read more »

Thanks, Uncle Phil……….

My dad left my life when I was ten and died when I was 16, after literally being found lying on the street in agony from cancer. He wasn’t a good father, he failed me in just about all ways, but I still loved him. He was the only adult who treated me like a child when I was a child; all the others leaned on me or argued with me as if I were a small adult. He loved me, I know that, despite his terrible sins. Read more »

The Year I Just Could Not Do It

*In honor of my ward’s YW girls camp starting this week, I am posting the story of the worst ever girls camp that I did not attend. Yep, that is right – keep in mind as you read this I Did Not End Up Going. I am telling you that up front so you don’t have to wonder and get distracted from the story. And you’re welcome. I believe in helping out my readers whenever possible. Read more »

Mom and I March With Mormons for Equality!


   My 75 year old mother (in a borrowed wheelchair – she walks fine, just not that far), my daughter Lucy and Lucy’s friend Zoe joined me along with about 55 others to march in the DC Pride parade yesterday. We gathered behind the Mormons for Marriage Equality banner.  We were among marchers from LGBT organizations, businesses and many other churches and groups of all varieties, and were surrounded by the conventionally dressed, the amazingly costumed and the barely costumed. Even the multi-hour wait to join the parade was interesting and entertaining, though we were glad to have our sun hats and rainbow colored parasols in the 90 degree heat.

Along the parade route our group was greeted with loud, enthusiastic and prolonged cheering, high-fives, and hugs. All those who hugged me, or shook my hand or gave high-fives thanked us with deep emotions, and some with tears.  We heard many, many shouted “Thank you”s and not a few “God Bless You”s mixed in with some incredulity, some skepticism, and a very small amount of straight forward ill will. And some humor (my favorite was “Show us your underwear!”)

The babies and the kids got a lot of positive attention as did my mom, to whom many shouted, “You Go, Grandma”, “God Bless you, Grandma”, etc., and several parade viewers ran right out into the middle of our group to give her beads or hug her.

My thanks to those who organized this opportunity for us to show love and support for our brothers and sisters.

Friday Mish-Mash, Just For Fun…..

TGIF, huh??!  There’s so much of value on the internet; here’s a few things I’d like to share with you.  Enjoy~

Steven Peck posted a link to this on Facebook.  Rosalynde explores an essay about living in now, which is my poor attempt to explain it.  I love her writing and found this so profound.  And hopeful:  http://www.patheos.com/Mormon/Anxiety-and-Resurrection-Rosalynde-Welch-06-07-2012

I enjoy Pinterest, especially the recipes and decorating links.  Such a positive way for us to interact with each other and it has none of the anxiety associated with Facebook!  Nobody posting vague references to life tragedies or calling each other names or arguing politics and religion.  I’m heartened at seeing young women dedicated to making a home.  (Note:  I’m not advocating anything here, guys, so don’t rip my face off.  I know some women have to work and others enjoy it.  I’m talking about making a home, no matter the circumstance.  I thought it was a lost art.)  <!–more–>

Found this cool cooking blog:


Interesting houses and fun places to vacation:  http://pinterest.com/pin/13299761370050924/

(I discovered you can build really tiny houses from Pinterest):  http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/

I love that there are people out there who, like me, are entranced by houses.  Not to have a nicer house, but reading a house like one reads a book.

I can’t remember where I found this website, but I’d love to visit here:


Here’s a link to a nice blog by the wife of a kid who grew up across the street:  http://sundiandmike.blogspot.com/2012/06/500-shabby-chic-bedskirt-tutorial-and.html

(I often wonder if Sundee sleeps:))

Lastly, this is a fun website; you can find links to other similar sites with hilariously human stories:


Have a nice weekend, Kids :)

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Asking Questions Before Others Do

At what age did you start to question church history? Were you considered on the younger side, right at the point everyone else does, or amongst the late bloomers? What challenges did you have to overcome in your search of knowledge?

I’m on the younger side and started asking when I was 20. Its hard to think about things your friends can’t relate to simply because they’re busy raising/reproducing children and cling onto Sunday teachings as they adjust to being full blown adults. My biggest challenge to overcome is a spouse who doesn’t understand why I’m asking such questions. To him it seems I am looking for the church’s dirty laundry and nothing else.

Luckily I live in a pretty cool ward thanks to a recent split so the Bishop is not my biggest hurdle.

Would you march?

I’ve been interested in the Mormons March for Equality movement; I’m not sure if Joanna Brooks is spear-heading it, but she’s posted references on Facebook.  I was touched when I read about some gay people in tears when they saw 300-400 (I saw different numbers) Mormons in Sunday dress marching in Salt Lake City.  Made me wonder if I would have joined them had I lived up there.

I don’t know.  I’d want to.  If a parade were held in my community, I’d be very nervous.  I’m pretty courageous about standing up for what I believe, but A. I’m not sure WHAT I believe regarding same sex attraction,  except I believe my nephew’s relationship is the best thing that ever happened to him and I deeply love some gay individuals. and B. I’m afraid of what people think.  I’m usually not, but I’m labeled crazy already; would this seal the deal?  Yet, I despise moral cowardice, so I might march anyway.   What do you think you’d do, if you had the opportunity in your community?

I Believe in Marriage

Wedding season has just begun. Rob and I have two invitations to June weddings, with more to follow. This got me thinking about people I know who have used friends to officiate their civil weddings. Their friends just went online, filled out a form, paid the nominal fee (about $30.00) and badda bing, badda boom, they are legally allowed to officiate weddings. Read more »