I’ve been interested in the Mormons March for Equality movement; I’m not sure if Joanna Brooks is spear-heading it, but she’s posted references on Facebook.  I was touched when I read about some gay people in tears when they saw 300-400 (I saw different numbers) Mormons in Sunday dress marching in Salt Lake City.  Made me wonder if I would have joined them had I lived up there.

I don’t know.  I’d want to.  If a parade were held in my community, I’d be very nervous.  I’m pretty courageous about standing up for what I believe, but A. I’m not sure WHAT I believe regarding same sex attraction,  except I believe my nephew’s relationship is the best thing that ever happened to him and I deeply love some gay individuals. and B. I’m afraid of what people think.  I’m usually not, but I’m labeled crazy already; would this seal the deal?  Yet, I despise moral cowardice, so I might march anyway.   What do you think you’d do, if you had the opportunity in your community?