TGIF, huh??!  There’s so much of value on the internet; here’s a few things I’d like to share with you.  Enjoy~

Steven Peck posted a link to this on Facebook.  Rosalynde explores an essay about living in now, which is my poor attempt to explain it.  I love her writing and found this so profound.  And hopeful:

I enjoy Pinterest, especially the recipes and decorating links.  Such a positive way for us to interact with each other and it has none of the anxiety associated with Facebook!  Nobody posting vague references to life tragedies or calling each other names or arguing politics and religion.  I’m heartened at seeing young women dedicated to making a home.  (Note:  I’m not advocating anything here, guys, so don’t rip my face off.  I know some women have to work and others enjoy it.  I’m talking about making a home, no matter the circumstance.  I thought it was a lost art.)  <!–more–>

Found this cool cooking blog:

Interesting houses and fun places to vacation:

(I discovered you can build really tiny houses from Pinterest):

I love that there are people out there who, like me, are entranced by houses.  Not to have a nicer house, but reading a house like one reads a book.

I can’t remember where I found this website, but I’d love to visit here:

Here’s a link to a nice blog by the wife of a kid who grew up across the street:

(I often wonder if Sundee sleeps:))

Lastly, this is a fun website; you can find links to other similar sites with hilariously human stories:

Have a nice weekend, Kids :)