My 75 year old mother (in a borrowed wheelchair – she walks fine, just not that far), my daughter Lucy and Lucy’s friend Zoe joined me along with about 55 others to march in the DC Pride parade yesterday. We gathered behind the Mormons for Marriage Equality banner.  We were among marchers from LGBT organizations, businesses and many other churches and groups of all varieties, and were surrounded by the conventionally dressed, the amazingly costumed and the barely costumed. Even the multi-hour wait to join the parade was interesting and entertaining, though we were glad to have our sun hats and rainbow colored parasols in the 90 degree heat.

Along the parade route our group was greeted with loud, enthusiastic and prolonged cheering, high-fives, and hugs. All those who hugged me, or shook my hand or gave high-fives thanked us with deep emotions, and some with tears.  We heard many, many shouted “Thank you”s and not a few “God Bless You”s mixed in with some incredulity, some skepticism, and a very small amount of straight forward ill will. And some humor (my favorite was “Show us your underwear!”)

The babies and the kids got a lot of positive attention as did my mom, to whom many shouted, “You Go, Grandma”, “God Bless you, Grandma”, etc., and several parade viewers ran right out into the middle of our group to give her beads or hug her.

My thanks to those who organized this opportunity for us to show love and support for our brothers and sisters.