As my grandpa used to drawl whenever something unexpected occurred, “Well, slap me and call me silly, I woulda never guessed that would happen”, my head is spinning and I am here to say in a million years I would have never seen this one coming.

I just got off the phone with a long time friend. She has good news. She just got hired by her State Republican Party to work on organizing efforts for the upcoming fall 2012 presidential elections. She is an energetic 60ish year old woman. She is also a staunch Evangelical Christian who over the years has prayed for me that Jesus would touch my heart and help me see the error of my religious ways since I explained to her that I was a Mormon and wasn’t intending to leave the Mormon faith.

When I had surgery she sent me a get-well card along with a 3 page, single-spaced, double- sided letter imploring me to reconsider my Mormon faith because if I died on the operating table she was sure I was going to hell.

The highest compliment she ever gave me was the time she wanted me to come to her ladies group at church and give a lesson on the effects of stress but couldn’t because I belong to the Mormon cult and they don’t allow that.

She really likes me.

My friend called me to tell me when she was interviewed for her new position she told the interviewer that she was very good friends with a Mormon (me) and even though she personally is a born-again Christian, based on how I live my life, she has changed her mind and has decided that Mormons aren’t a cult and that Mitt Romney would be a fine presidential candidate.

She got the job.

Isn’t that a hoot? Being a Christian who can make peace with a Mormon presidential candidate is a real plus when representing the Republican Party.

I congratulated her on her new job and wished her well. I also told her I was happy that our friendship helped her in her job interview. She laughed and replied that she never expected to be in the position of supporting a Mormon candidate, but here we are.

Slap me and call me silly, this presidential race just gets stranger and stranger.