About six months ago, in a joint RS/priesthood meeting, the Relief Society president reported that the Stake President wanted the sisters to encourage their husbands to do their home teaching. She also asked us to call our home teachers and ask them to come.

This didn’t go over very well with me. I sent her a text with a reference to one of Elder Bednar’s talks about priesthood responsibility and said the men in our ward (stake?) needed to grow up. I got no response.

Since then, every time I’ve attended Relief Society (I’m sporadic), the opening announcements have included some kind of plea for the sisters to have their husbands do their home teaching. Support them. (I thought “um….then do we assume the husbands are more supportive of the sisters doing their visiting teaching since the husbands aren’t being similarly admonished?) Seriously?

A lot of sisters agree with me, although not so vocally and perhaps not with so much bitterness.

Yesterday, though, I had a hard time laughing out loud. The RS counselor conducting (to her credit, she didn’t seem very excited to give this announcement)told us the bishop was asking the sisters to help their husbands find out who they were supposed to home teach.

True story. This makes the men of our ward look pretty lame. Especially the ones whose idea it was to dump something else on the sisters.

**PS: caveat—-if I already blogged about this, ignore it. I’m turning into one of those people who tells the same stories over and over because I forgot I told them.