This article for Time : by Tim Padgett caught my eye.

He is a good Catholic who has decided to stay with his faith, even as he publicly criticizes his church hierarchy and fundamental beliefs. He has had his share of well known people telling him to just go join another church that already practices the changes he wants to see in the Catholic church. It reminds me of the mantra I have myself been guilty of when someone tires me with complaints about the LDS faith. More than once I have thought, ” If you are so unhappy being Mormon, go find something else to be.” Not exactly helpful or Christ-like, but a typical response to religious structures are in no hurry to change.

Of course, Mormons don’t have the same level of ongoing sexual abuse by church leadership as the Catholics, so you can choose which of our unique ‘issues” you want to insert into that part of his essay. In fact, if you switch out the Catholic problems and put in Mormons, the article could have been written for one of hundred Mormon blogs. Which is a point Tim makes at the end of his piece. Our struggles with imperfect human leadership, ongoing cultural evolution and how that changes our expectations of what a religious life means are all universal stumbling blocks.
That realization is a comfort to me. It is so nice to know I am not alone in my questioning. It is strengthening to my testimony of the LDS faith to know that my doubts and insecurities are no different than what my friends of other faiths are also experiencing.

I am not weak and my desires for church growth and change are not radical. They are just part of the task of being human. I like that. It feels right. And I love that I can thank a good Catholic for helping me remember that truth.