I am spent. I have nothing to give to anyone and it maybe a while until I am able to lift my head up off the table. Don’t ask me what happened, I can’t tell you. It isn’t my story to tell. Emotions are running so high that a slight breeze will cause hemorrhaging within me and those I love.

If there was ever a time for the healing balm of Gilead, it is now. Until then I am waiting for the Comforter to come, or maybe it is already in the room but I am too numb to feel it.

I have read most of CS Lewis’s books on grief and have derived peace from many, many LDS writers on the topics of pain, sadness and heartbreak. Unfortunately, I can’t recall any of them right now. There is a big difference between an academic reading on Man’s Suffering and having your guts ripped out onto the kitchen floor.

I am open to your wise suggestions on good talks, articles and essays on the topic of Surviving Crap You Didn’t Cause, You Don’t Want and Never in a Million Years Would Have Volunteered For.

I need perspective, hope and in my deepest recesses of my heart want to be able to laugh again.

What has helped you through The Dark Night of the Soul?